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Art as Resitance: The Political Tweet Art of Kelly Alison (Dispatch 1)

Editor’s note: I was so excited to discover Kelly Alison’s (@iknomore) Twitter-inspired artwork. She creates visually engaging, politically relevant pieces. Naturally, the Project just had to celebrate and promote her work. It’s no surprise that her apolitical work is just as stunning. Please consider sharing her work with others and if you can, supporting her through her website. I hope you enjoy.

Biography from Kelly’s main website:

Kelly Alison is and American artist primarily working in a rural area south of Houston, Texas. Her work has been exhibited in National and International Museums, most notably at the Shanghai Art Museum in China and the National Museum of Art in Lima, Peru. She has been published in books, catalogs and magazines such as Art in America, Texas Monthly and Town and Country and her work is on permanent exhibition in downtown Houston as part of the Wayfinder project. Alison’s work can be seen in many private and public collections.

The Project is proud to feature just a taste of her work. We’ll be sharing other pieces periodically, and when her schedule allows, newer works as well.

CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW! #anonymous #antisec #OpBart #MuBARTek #BART #Anonops #San Francisco

TRIGGER ECONOMICS #debtceiling #GOP #Democrat #Teaparty #draw365 #followart

RUPERT MUD-DUCK, king of yellow journalism, #Murdoch #CitizenRadio #draw365 #followart