#Occupy Heads to Washington D.C.

  1. The 2 party system is failed. Vote against both sides. They try to keep us divided to continue their benefits. Fire them all. #J17
  2. #J17 The avg cost of a Senate seat is $8.5 million. $ is overwhelmingly from the financial sector. tinyurl.com/66xvxo #ConnectTheDots
  3. #j17 #occupycongress democracy begins (not ends) at the ballot box.
  4. A few hundred marching from McPherson now to join the convergence. #j17 #occupycongress
  5. Hundreds chanting outside Congress. Cops erecting barricades. #j17
  6. The fences on west front have been ripped down. #J17
  7. police is starting to push people back from #J17 #OWS
  8. #j17 #ows in DC chanting: the 1st amendment is my permit!
  9. Six cops to take a 60 yr old man to the ground! Police brutality badge # 3081. #j17
  10. At this point, the growing crowd has moved to the west front lawn of the Capital.
  11. This crowd continues to grow. Easily over 1000 now. A “Voltron” GA is organizing soon (inter-occupational GA). #j17
  12. Retired Philadelphia police captain Ray Lewis is spotted on the non-permitted side of the Capital lawn.
  13. Police are not letting Captain Ray come over to us. #j17
  14. I couldn’t see over the crowd but @DustinSlaughter says he believes the 2 arrestees were taken into the Civil Disturbance Unit van
  15. @punkboyinsf confirms a total of 3 arrests so far. #j17
  16. One takeaway from #J17 #OccupyCongress – We should prolly find a way 2 make #Occupy more appealing to more “meat eaters” 🙂 #OccupyEveryone
  17. About 30 protesters took balcony area, dropping a banner before police swarmed up the steps. Others cont. inside. No arrests. #Rayburn #j17
  18. A protester reportedly had a seizure at Rayburn. #j17
  19. #Rayburn is trending in DC. #j17 #OccupyCongress
  20. Reports that the west lawn of the capital is being surrounded. We’re heading over to confirm. #j17 #OccupyCongress
  21. Heading back towards congressional offices. Apparently protesters have moved on from #Rayburn. #j17
  22. Metro police apparently trying to scare people off of the street, create confusion. Motorcycles zipping down sidewalks. #j17
  23. “@Re_Occupy: One of the largest acts of “civil disobedience” on steps of the U.S. Supreme Court youtu.be/BS_BJhL82YI #OccupyCongress #J17”
  24. Occupy Congress: the evening march and the storming of the supreme court
  25. The march has taken the entire width of Constitution Ave. A man in a tent sprinted right by me. #j17
  26. Occupy Congress. Stop the march to read the First Amendment.
  27. Veterans at White House fence lead mic check: “Today is the first day of the revolution! American empire is no more!” ustream.tv/occupyfreedomla
  28. #J17 Occupy Congress March Pt 7 Amarillo 13 OakFoSho January 17, 2012 Washington DC
  29. @SabzBrach and I spotted a few riot cops on periphery of White House rally. Not sure what to make of it. They didn’t want photos taken. #j17
  30. The rally is thinning out. No tension in the air. I think this riot gear is simply protocol. #j17
  31. The presence of riot cops makes sense now. I had not heard of this incident until later that night.
  32. @FearDept Occupiers said the smoke was “incense” but we’re not falling for that one, probably illegal narcotics or bombs #FIGHTPEACEMONGERS
  33. Approx. 50 remaining at the capital. I’m about to call it a night and head back to McPherson. #j17
  34. #j17 kudos to DC cops. If this had been NY we’d have had cracked skulls & mace. Turns out the world doesn’t end if police r civil. #OWS

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