“Costs of War” Sheds Light on a Troubled Iraq

  1. “Iraq since 2003 represents everything that we want to avoid in the Arab world – foreign invasions, simplistic American political engineering, sharp internal polarization, ethnic cleansing and warfare…” – Rami G. Khouri, author and journalist
  2. MT @franyafranya: Candidate #Obama: Iraq a “dumb war.” As Pres, he lauds it uncritically as a “success.” — #Iraq Veterans Against the War
  3. Mary Trotochaud was the AFSC country representative from 2004-2007:
  4. Mary Trotochaud, #AFSC rep to #iraq ’04-’07: in ’03, ample evidence of cluster bombs #CostsOfWarConf
  5. Ending the Use of Cluster Munitions
  6. Rick McDowell up next. Organized 15 #AFSC trips to #iraq, lead delegation of nobel laureates. #CostsOfWarConf
  7. McDowell on official Washington’s attitude to the issue of past sanctions on Iraq:
  8. McDowell: Amb. Albright said that deaths of many 1000s of children from #iraq sanctions is a price that is “worth it.” #CostsOfWarConf
  9. Madeleine Albright Defends Mass-Murder of Children
  10. McDowell: US Military officer of #Fallujah: “Satan is there, and we aim to get him.” Speaking now of rampant birth defects. #CostsOfWarConf
  11. Riz Khan – Falluja’s birth defects
  12. Raed Jarrar up next. Perhaps the only organizer to conduct door-to-door survey of #iraq civilian casualties. #CostsOfWarConf
  13. CORRECTION: Typographical error. Jarrar served as in-country director for CIVIC Worldwide, “the only door-to-door casualty survey group in post-war Iraq.”
  14. Jarrar: Many iraqis feel that Gulf War and ’03 invasion two phases of same war. #CostsOfWarConf
  15. Jarrar: Over 1 million iraqis killed, 5 million displaced. Approx population 25 million. #CostsOfWarConf
  16. Jarrar: 4-5 million orphans in #iraq due to war. Over 600K living in the streets. #CostsOfWarConf
  17. Jarrar: Mother w PhD’s daughter illiterate b/c they are afraid to go to school. “Scary vision of future for #iraq.” #CostsOfWarConf
  18. Jarrar: US influence in #iraq NOT ending. 16K personnel staying. Half armed contractors. Largest embassy in “human history.” #CostsOfWarConf
  19. Jarrar: Cont’d US involvement will cost US taxpayers “billions.” #iraq #CostsOfWarConf
  20. Jarrar: War ending, moral legal obligations not. Failure to compensate mistakes crimes won’t create good relationship #CostsOfWarConf #iraq
  21. Celeste Zappala is a Gold Star Mother for Peace. Her son was killed in Iraq in April of 2004 while protecting a unit looking for Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
  22. Celeste Zappala up next. Son, Sherwood Baker, was PA Guard member. He was involved in protecting “WMD” sites. #CostsOfWarConf
  23. Zappala: “Never before have suicides surpassed combat deaths” before #iraq war. “Utterly bankrupt morality” of this war. #CostsOfWarConf
  24. Zappala: 26% of children suffering from malnutrition now. 50% unemployment. “US has walked away from this country.” #CostsOfWarConf #iraq
  25. McDowell summarizes the aftermath of the Iraq War:
  26. McDowell: Effects of #iraq war will be felt for generations to come. #CostsOfWarConf

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