Occupy Philadelphia, Others Hold “Scrooges” Accountable in Day Long Caroling Tour

  1. Gov. Corbett continues to make cuts to #PA Budget in 2012. post-gazette.com/pg/11355/…
  2. Budget bleak for next year, cuts must be made now, says Corbett’s Budget Secy. bit.ly/tP7rYb But here’s an idea – tax the #drillers!
  3. Caroling: “On the 4th day of xmas, the Gov gave to me #voterID…” #OccupyPhilly #OPScroogeTour #ows
  4. RT @bobb529: @GovernorCorbett needs to be brought on the carpet for voter suppression redistricting #OPScroogeTour #OccupyPhilly #ows
  5. Later in the day, @OccupyPhilly meets up with SEIU members to begin second half of the “Scrooge” caroling tour.
  6. RT @OccupyPhilly: #OccupyPhilly Mega-Caroling Action Tour Super Extravaganza! 5pm at Rittenhouse! fb.me/Yhg4xcsr #OPScroogeTour #ows
  7. #OccupyPhilly pays a visit to Presbyterian Inspired Life, union-busting nonprofit nursing home. CEO made $400K. #OPScroogeTour #ows #1u
  8. http://lockerz.com/s/167209303 After #OccupyPhilly pays visit to union-busting nursing home CEO house, cont … m.tmi.me/jEJCz
  9. “We r here at X-mas Village 2 say the holiday isnt about consumerism to remind all about a #homeless family in a manger.” #OccupyPhilly #ows

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