A Glimpse Back at Occupy Wall Street’s #D17

  1. RT @DustinSlaughter: RT @brookejarvis: “…the best way to defend the First Amendment is to use it.” bit.ly/rqhkji #OWS #d17
  2. RT @DustinSlaughter: Word going around: 3pm may be “go time.” #D17 #OWS
  3. RT @DustinSlaughter: Arrests are underway. Hard to estimate how many at this point. #D17 #OWS
  4. MT @DustinSlaughter 30-40 arrsts aftr protestrs scaled fence 2 @TrinityWallSt proprty. Church holds ovr $10 billion in real estate #D17 #OWS
  5. RT @DustinSlaughter: Mic check: A new march is heading to the house of the Rector of @TrinityWallSt. “He kicked us out!” #D17 #OWS
  6. RT @dustinslaughter: MASSIVE march towards @TrinityWallSt rector’s home. “Bloomberg! Beware! #ZuccottiPark is everywhere!” #D17 #OWS
  7. At this point the march has split up into as many as three different routes.
  8. @DustinSlaughter can you pass the message to keep moving and not be kettled? #occupyportland tactics: you’re worth so much more mobile! #d17
  9. RT @DustinSlaughter: Confirmed. RT @johnknefel: lucky @mollyknefel & I escape kettle on 29th& 7th. Lay low. Mass arrests expected. #ows #d17
  10. RT @DustinSlaughter: RT @johnknefel: Getting reports Nypd is breaking up Times Sq action. #ows #d17
  11. RT @DustinSlaughter: Hearing reports that one person was tasered and arrested in Times Square. #D17 #OWS
  12. RT @DustinSlaughter: RT @RockDocLV: RT @RDevro: My colleague, a credentialed cameraman, was punched in the kidney three times. #D17 #ows
  13. RT @DustinSlaughter: RT @OccupyVideo: 55 #OccupyWallStreet protesters arrested today, including clergy #ows #d17 ow.ly/82OTX
  14. RT @DustinSlaughter: MT @OccupyWallStNYC: #D17 = A reminder that our founding fathers did not prescribe permits, press passes & free speech zones. #ows

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