Tax Weekend Sees Widespread Resistance Against Verizon, Bank of America, and BP (with videos)

Tax Weekend saw widespread direct action across the country, where over 100 demonstrations were held to protest corporate tax dodging.

The Washington D.C. chapter of US Uncut staged a direct action against Verizon, a corporation which has earned over $12 billion in profit over two years and has not paid anything in taxes. Other actions, staged by groups such as US Uncut, and Energy Action Coalition, aimed to create negative publicity for major corporations such as Verizon, Bank of America, and the petroleum giant BP, all of which have managed to generate massive profits totalling billions of dollars, while avoiding paying taxes. Meanwhile, countries such as the United Kingdom and the U.S. are threatened with major budget cuts to education, low-income health care, and heating oil assistance, all in the name of “fiscal discipline.”

Video from US Uncut Washington, D.C.: and US Uncut partnered in Philadelphia on Monday to protest Bank of America, which has managed to avoid paying any income taxes for over two years, paying their investment bankers $4 billion while laying off 35,000 employees in 2009. The company received a tax payer-funded bailout as well.

The approximately 50 protesters managed to shut down a downtown Bank of America branch:

Another activist group, Energy Action Coalition, has launched a new campaign called Powershift 2011. The coalition staged a protest at a BP gas station, effectively shutting it down. U.S. taxpayers have effectively footed the bill for the Gulf cleanup, as BP has avoided paying over $9.9 billion in taxes, citing “losses” due to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, an ongoing crisis causing serious health issues and massive wildlife kills related to toxins which remain on the Gulf coast. Video of the direct action at one BP gas station:

A young protestor passionately describes why she traveled over 20 hours to attend the event depicted above:

Visit US Uncut, and the Energy Action Coalition’s Powershift 2011 campaign to see how you can get involved, as many more actions are planned for the near future.

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